Buyer's Guide

Not All Grilles Are Made Equally.

Yes, it's true. We've put together some tips to help you spot the differences between a quality product and a cheap knockoff. The following 5 steps will tell you what no one else will before selling you a grille. Use this guide to learn what you should look for before buying your Toyota a new grille.

1./ All-Weather Protection

Your grille will be exposed to extreme weather conditions. Aluminum is a great choice for outdoor applications due to its low density, non-magnetic, non-sparking, light weight, and excellence in corrosion resistance. Painted steel is often used as grille mesh because of it's low cost and availability; however, it just does not hold up to weather. As the most important component of your grille assembly, your grille mesh will be subject to impact from rocks, gravel, dust, rain, bugs,... you name it! That is why we used powder-coated aluminum mesh on all grilles. Crack and chip resistant powder-coating is one of the most durable coatings available. Combined with aluminum, our mesh is practically indestructible!

2./ Paint

Is it shipped with paint? A quality grille will be fabricated with a multi-step sanding, priming, and painting process. Read the fine print before you buy! This is often overlooked by many buyers. All our grilles are shipped with a multi-step finishing process.

3./ Finish

These grilles require substantial sanding, priming, and finishing to look as good as they do. Make sure you look closely at pictures to check for a mess behind that mesh. Often, grilles that are made "flush" are done so in attempt to hide holes, cracked plastic, shiny screws, and other flaws. Is that what you are paying for? There should be no slop to hide! Our grilles are patched and hand sanded to perfection. We take a lot of pride in our work.

4./ Rolling in the Deep

Do you love that signature deep dish look? Well, we do! We make the ONLY deep dish grille. Learning what to look for will help you spot the difference it makes when it's made by hand and made right.

5./ The Dreaded Lead Time

Keep an eye on our product pages for up-to-date lead times!